What is the Vault?

The Vault is where we keep highly sought-after bourbons, wines and other hard to find treasures. The program was setup to give more people a fair shot at getting a bottle and to reward guests.

Who can shop the Vault?

ABC Access members who reach Gold key level are eligible for at least one invitation to purchase from the Vault. Members who receive an invitation may purchase one bottle from the available selection while supplies last. Anyone caught reselling items purchased from the Vault will be permanently banned from receiving future invitations.

I received an invitation to shop the Vault, but the item I wanted was sold out, what now?

An invitation to the Vault does not guarantee a purchase. There is a very limited quantity of every item sold in the Vault, so products are sold on a first come, first served basis.

If I received two invitations to shop the Vault on the same day, can I make more than one purchase?

Only one Vault purchase may be made per person per day. The first order will process, but any subsequent subsequent orders will be cancelled. If you have more than one account, they will be merged into one.

When does the Vault open to eligible members?

The Vault opens periodically each month. Only members who receive an invitation will have the “key” to enter. Keys are tied to a member`s account. Vault invitations are sent to Gold Key members and the purchaser`s information must match the Gold Key account members information or the order will be rejected.

Once I buy a bottle, how I will I receive it?

You will need to select a store at the time of purchase. Your bottle will be shipped to that store and you will receive an Order is Ready for Pickup email when it`s available for pickup at that store.

How long will it take my Vault order to arrive?

Depending on how many orders we have to fulfill and the store`s truck schedule, your Vault order will arrive to the store you selected anywhere from 5-15 business days.

I`m a Gold key member, but have never received an invitation, why?

It`s most likely because you haven`t set up your online profile at You need an online profile before you can shop the Vault. Use the same ID and password on the Vault that you use to setup your profile.

You might also check your spam or promotions folders, as sometimes our emails end up there.

ABC Access members who illegally resell their Vault purchases forfeit their Vault access for life. So if you have been reselling bourbon online without a license, that may be the reason you are not receiving invitations.